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Bringing you the music and ideas of Nicola Lawrence

has been an organist for over 20 years and has played regularly in


  • Girvan South Parish (Church of Scotland)

  • Our Lady and St Cuthbert, Maybole (Roman Catholic)

  • Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Girvan (Roman Catholic)


She also plays violin and viola.

Nicola Lawrence


Recent additions:

A time to ...

The words of this hymn are based on the passage in Ecclesiastes chapter 3, which begins ‘There is a time for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven’.  They were made ‘popular’ in a 1960s song ‘turn, turn, turn’ by The Byrds.

The hymn can be sung to any 8888 metre tune, eg ‘O Waly Waly’.

I have also written a reflection on the Bible passage itself.


Why I'm scared of the Sign of Peace

Read the article for the answer

Variations on Bunessan (the tune to 'Morning has broken').

A simple piece of music, easy to play and a bit of fun!

We believe in hymn books?

Hymn books vs word sheets?

Some thoughts on why word sheets can be easier in Catholic Church.

Playing Voluntaries

What are voluntaries and why play them?  Plus some hints on how to manage them easily and effectively.

Musical setting for the Exsultet

Hearing the Exsultet read at the Easter Vigil in our parish (and from the old missal) reminded me of an easy musical setting I had written several years ago.

I have decided to ‘re-write’ my setting for the new missal words.  So here is something for next Easter!

Metrical index and Metres of some well known tunes

As promised a few weeks back, ‘Metrical index’ is an explanation of metrical indexes and how to use them.  ‘Metres of some well known tunes’ will be useful to you if you are a beginner in playing around with a metrical index, and if your church has a limited repertoire of traditional hymn tunes.

Choosing Hymns

This looks at how hymns are chosen in our churches, and the reactions there can be to choices made!

It refers also to an article about how to use a metrical index - see above. . . .

The new Roman Missal - where are we now?

This attempts to discuss more issues in the ongoing implementation of the new Missal . . . .  Please send in any comments or views you may have about this article, or simply just share your own experiences.

Three kings from Persian Lands

. . . . an organ setting of ‘Three kings from Persian lands’ by P Cornelius.  

Chant - Lord, it is good to be here

In our local area, people are being asked to write a short article about a Bible passage or hymn line that means a lot to them.  I have written about the Transfiguration, and also have composed the chant that appears here.

Who would be a church musician?

This article looks at the controversial issue of payment of church musicians, and assesses the reasons why this should be considered.  It also refers to some generous (some may say ‘realistic’) Irish guidelines for payment.

Accompanying Catholic Funeral masses

This is a brief guide about accompanying Catholic Funeral Masses for musicians of other denominations.  

Nicola has been involved in many initiatives to support and encourage church musicians, and hopes through this web site to be able to develop and share ideas and experiences.


The New Roman Missal has resulted in the need for new music for the Order of Mass, and some of her compositions for this are shared here.


Nicola will also be putting up other compositions of liturgical and instrumental music and writing about her ideas for the liturgy from a musician's point of view.

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